Our dream began in Milan, in 2013, with the friendship between Renato Ravizza and Gian Marco Zandrino. Because of their many years of experience in the industry, the goal is clear from the start: to make I.WAI Food a point of reference for the Italian seafood market. A beacon that guides stakeholders and supports them in all circumstances.

We are specialized in oysters, offering more than 40 varieties that are constantly being updated according to what is new in the market. Not only oysters, we also offer tuna and swordfish from the Pacific and Indian Oceans, a wide range of shellfish, including lobster, king crab, and seafood, as well as crabs, spider crabs, urchins, snails, truffles, sea snails, and much more.


Administration and accounting

Donatella Chiodini, Pierwalter Parozzi

Head office

Renato Ravizza, Gian Marco Zandrino


Raffaele Li Volsi, Riccardo Carlo Ravizza


Gian Luca Zandrino, Elena Ravizza


Thomas Sigari, Stefania Tinterri, Edoardo Verrani, Viviana Spagnuolo, Giuseppe Massimino

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