Viviana Spagnuolo, Commercial account and food Ambassador for I.WAI Food

Born in Milan in 1981, Viviana Spagnuolo, business consultant until April 2023 and “spentolatrice” (as she likes to call herself) out of a visceral love for cooking, has taken part in several showcooking events for well-known brands operating in the food field.

In 2018, she took part in the TV program “Il Ristorante degli Chef” alongside three Michelin-starred chefs, ranking third out of 80 aspiring chefs.

In January 2022 she published her first cookbook “Nectar Mundi – The Nectar of the World,” which tells the story of spices and blends from all over the world and their use in cooking, from 2000 B.C. to today.

She teaches cooking classes at the Zaccaria Institute in Milan and is responsible for writing gourmet and non-gourmet restaurant reviews for social media groups of professional chefs.

She has been Food Ambassador for Iwai Food since 2019 and she is responsible for creating the company’s advertising campaigns in collaboration with the marketing department.

Since 2023, she also took on the role of Sales Account.

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A few recipes

Galloping oyster

Horse-meat tartare, mustard oyster mayonnaise, glazing of polenta bramata and sea lettuce.

Oyster in evening gown

Low temperature cooked oysters, mignonette sauce, broccoli florets, Timut pepper, edible gold.

Ceci n'est pas une tarte tatin

Brisket pastry with lobster, its bisque and smoked salted butter.

All u need is love

Ravioli with liquid citrus fumet filling, marinated red shrimp in oyster sauce, plain oyster.

A Wellington who dreamed of the sea

Lobster rolls in puff pastry, curry sauce, prosciutto di Parma and baby spinach.

Every curl a whim

Spaghetti cooked in sea urchin water, almond milk mousse, plain urchins.

A sea prosciutto & melon

Spaghettoni with cold oyster sauce, melon powder, green caviar and yuzu.

Summer soup

Cold crab soup, green apple, lime and spinach centrifuge, flaxseed and sesame seed crab claws.