I Gioielli di Lucrezia (Lucrezia's jewels)

Lucrezia’s Jewels represent the new heyday of Italian excellence, an oyster with a noble character, inspired by a controversial and intriguing figure that confers distinctiveness and elegance.

Lucrezia Borgia, a multifaceted woman and a symbol of femininity and hidden pleasures, she used to wear pearls paired with purple and red dresses. For this reason, she is the muse of this jewel of the sea, which acquires and presents peculiarities typical of this character without hiding it.

The Duchess of Ferrara was a leading figure in the Este territories of the 16th century, which is where this fascinating product is bred today.

Thus, in the valleys between Estensi and Spina, Lucrezia, the oyster of the Emilia Romagna region, was born,

the result of three years of careful and painstaking research.

We are speaking of a pretty and attractive oyster, its shell is clean and heterogeneous with shades of deep purple, often contaminated by elegant ivory-colored veins.

Upon opening we will find clear, sculptural flesh that adds elegance to the fruit.

The coat, on the other hand, is characterized by chocolate-colored notes, and its flesh perfectly adorns the mother-of-pearl.

It has a light scent reminiscent of fresh lagoon waters, its taste pervades us with immediate refinement, and the sensations it arouses on the palate hark back to the perfect contrast we find in salted butter and pungent dried fruit.

The tasting lingers and releases hints of pleasantness, and the memory of Lucretia recalls desire and whims of sensuality.

Young, beautiful, tasty and tantalizing, a new and exciting addition to the market, pleased to present Lucretia’s Jewels, I Gioielli di Lucrezia!